ZIM   Zentrum für interkulturelles Management der Hochschule Bremen


Voices about
intercultural competence & diversity

A foreigner is only a foreigner in a foreign land.
Karl Valentin

“It seems to us that institutions of higher education are about to leave an eurocentric viewpoint. Our understanding of an intercultural dimension in education forces us to leave one-way roads and focus on intercultural processes of development in teaching, learning and researching, in order to reach a new level of quality on campus.” Christian Bode, Generalsekräter des DAAD, Bonn

"What kind of bird are you that cannot fly?" the bird ask the duck. "What kind of bird are you that cannot swim? ", answered the duck. Sergej Prokofjew


Auslobung des Bremer Wettbewerbs zur Förderung von Vielfalt “Der bunte Schlüssel: Vielfalt gestalten!” 2010

15. September

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